Preparing for Your Salesforce Admin Certification

I wanted to share with you a list of things that helped me prepare for my Salesforce Admin Certification.  

  1. I registered for the Salesforce Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp for Administrators course through Career Circle. It’s a prescriptive, expert-led training program that fast tracks you to the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. This is where I got introduced to Trailhead and where my adventure with Salesforce began.
  2. I continued reading on Trailhead as much as I could after the course. I completed the “Build Your Admin Career on Salesforce” Trailmix by Salesforce Trailhead.
  3. I completed all the Admin and App Builder Supersets. Five Super-badges in total. I think you would be fine completing just the Admin superset (Three Superbadges) before your exam but it never hurts to learn more. I highly recommend working on Trailhead Projects and Superbadges. Hands on experience is crucial to your success. 
  4. I watched all of the Trailhead Live videos under the title “Preparing for Your Admin Certification”. All of the instructors do an amazing job at explaining the concepts and giving you tips for the exam. My favorite instructors are: @Caitlin Nguyen and @Mari Greenberg. Their teaching method is very clear and on point.
  5. I watched the “Who Sees What” series on Salesforce Help instead of watching it on YouTube just because it’s in order! Watching it chronologically makes a huge difference when learning about the layers of “Security”. I understood it in one shot.
  6. I went through each section and bullet point of the exam content and read the technical documentation of each topic under Salesforce Help. This is the link: Trailhead is the fun way to learn. There’s no doubt about that especially when you see confetti falling all over you. But if you like to read just the technical documentation go to the link I mentioned above. The amount of information can be overwhelming but I promise it will be very useful to you not only for the exam but for when you work as a Salesforce Admin.
  7. I attended the WEBINAR: Preparation for Your Administrator Certification (CDW-101) offered by Salesforce. You are not allowed to record it so I made sure to take lots of notes. I heard @KevinCorcoran’s presentation and I really liked it. The examples, questions and scenarios that he presented were comparable to the exam questions. He does a very good job of explaining the best answer.

After doing all of those things I got a great understanding of the concepts as a whole and gained experience with the platform. I knew I was not missing pockets of information here and there and felt confident on the day of the exam. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous but I passed! It’s a big accomplishment!

On to the next one: Platform App Builder

I hope you find this information helpful and that you pass as well. Good luck! Shout me out when you do. I would be happy to celebrate your success!